Southern France has been a major highway for travelers for thousands of years. The ancient Roman road, the via Domitia is followed today by the main arterial road for the South, the A9, but thousands of years before the Romans came to Southern France, stone roads were made for the trade routes to central France, including oils, wines and, most importantly, salt from the Mediterranean salt pans.

Today high speed trains, airports and motorways serve the regions of the South of France with the best communications networks in Europe.

Languedoc and Provence are large regions and the modern communications networks melt into the wild thyme and coastal plains, leaving empty forests and wild areas where wild boar roam.

Local public transport networks are efficient – but- not very frequent. To discover the South of France you will need your own means of transport. A good pair of legs, cycling or car – all have some of the best , paths, trails and country roads on the world – you an rent horses or even follow the track of Modestine, the donkey Robert Louis Stevenson took across the Cevennes (all in Languedoc). if you are a biker, the roads in the South of France are a dream.

We will be adding information about rental services for all these options, with maps and suggestions very shortly.

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  • Leelee

    We’re planning to travel the southern france towards the end of Sept for 2 weeks.
    -Will it raining often and cold?
    -We’ll fly into Nice and planning to visit several places in southern france and wander is there bus or train for to places Antibes, St Tropez, Aixen Provence, Avignon, Nimes, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Touluse, Pau then back to Nice.

  • admin

    Hi Leelee

    September is a great month, not cold, perhaps occasional rain, but usually dry, nothing serious.

    The rail network will take you to all the towns you list, but it needs careful planning to get times – check the SNCF website the site is a bit clunky but will help you plan times and routes if you persevere.

    Rail is a good way to explore towns, but public ransport to the villages and countryside can be sparse and a hire car is needed for most of Southern France

    A great place to stay is our place at Villa Roquette

    Bonne Route


  • admin

    Hi LeeLee

    The weather is usually mild and warm in September – there is usually some rain but nothing serious.

    There is a good rail connection to the places you list wecan offer accommodation in Languedoc at

  • kadhambari

    I am eager to visit france
    how much it costs
    what about the climate conditions
    mode of transport

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